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The Mario Forever

Download Mario Forever Game for PC

Enter the Wonderful world of Mario Forever game. Rescue the princess Peach and defeat evil Bowser! One of the best Mario Games

Key Features

Version 7.02 (01.01.2019)

This Mario-remake is extremely well made, and oozes the charm of the original. The feeling is similar to the originals, and as such should attract your attention if you were hooked on Nintendo some decades ago.


Game Screens


Cn Review

Space Geek

Have you ever expected to see the famous plumber Mario in a puzzle game? Mario Forever: Block Party is one of the more interesting Mario games. It mixes the classical, platform gameplay with logical puzzles, which forces you to use your brain to make it through the whole 100 different levels. Though there are no monsters, known from original Super Mario Bros and countless remakes, it does not make the game any easier!

May 12, 2016
Mario Forever Fangame Download Free PC18
Mario Forever Fangame Download Free PC58

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